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Reasons for UK Visa Refusal – Ways to Overcome Them

Big Ben or Beckham, England is famous for many things. It is believed to be one of the major destinations for international migrants around the world and this is perhaps the biggest reason why many foreign students and entrepreneurs want to try their luck in the land of landscapes.

There is no denying the fact that the visa refusal is one of the primary concerns for any UK visa applicant. Broadly, UK visas comprise of study visas, business visas, visitor’s visas and more. According to recent statistics, around 373,580 visas have been declined last year. To avoid refusal, it’s important that one should identify the root cause and take appropriate steps to increase their chances of success.

In this post, we’ll have a quick look at some of the most common reasons for UK visa refusal and also highlight the ways to overcome them:

Incorrect Application Form

Did you know only a single wrong entry in your application form may lead to visa rejection? It is therefore important that you fill in the application form accurately and cross-check all the details entered. Also, be certain to remain consistent when providing details in your personal statements.

Failure to Explain the Source of Huge Deposits

When you apply for the UK visa, you have to submit your bank account statements as evidence of your current financial situation. Many times, an applicant simply fails to show the right source of the funds in his or her cover letter and generally gets refused.

Selection of Wrong Visa Category

The selection of the wrong visa category also leads to visa application refusal. For example, if you select UK fiancé visa instead of UK spouse visa, there’s a big possibility that your application will get rejected. Make sure you check the right visa category to avoid any confusion and denial in the end.

Failure to Submit Supporting Documents

Failure to provide relevant supporting documents is yet another reason why many UK visa requests get refused. Some fail to provide bank statements while some fail to provide suitable relationship or educational documents. So, it is crucial that you pay attention to what documentation you’re attaching and submitting.

Failure to Meet the Financial Prerequisites

Keep in mind, every points-based visa application system needs to fulfill certain financial criteria. Failure to meet those requirements can obviously lead to visa rejection for the applicant.

Failure to Follow Proper Format

One of the biggest reasons for UK visa rejection is that the submitted documents are not in the format described by the home office. Remember, documents that are laminated or torn won’t get approved by the concerned authorities.

Failure to provide all the Relevant Documents

It is extremely important that you provide all the needed documents required to support your application. Different categories need different supporting documents and it is crucial that your application represents your personalized case.

Inadequate Proof of Relationship

If you’re looking to apply for fiancé or spouse visa, the most common reason for refusal is inadequate proof of relationship. You should provide all the needed documents that prove the legitimacy of your relationship.

Relying on Friend’s Advice Instead of Seeking Professional Assistance

Applying for UK visa demands correct understanding of the visa application process and all the current rules and regulations associated with it. If you think that just taking advice from your relative or friend or by just going through the Home Office’s website, it is easy for you to fill in the application form without any flaws, then you may be wrong.

When it comes to the UK visa application process, you must seek expert advice as professional lawyers are aware of the nitty-gritty of everything.

Do not let any of the aforementioned reasons become one of your visa rejection reasons. Approaching Optimus Law can help you get over 99% results on your visa application. Our immigration experts and proficient lawyers can help you prepare a case that guarantees assured success.

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