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Work Visas

If you are a non-EEA or non-Swiss worker who has been offered a skilled job in a UK-based company, then you may have to apply for the Tier 2 Work Visa.

For a successful application process, you need to be employed by an employer with a UK Tier 2 sponsor licence. This employee must assign you a certificate of sponsorship. As this visa category is a point-based system, you must also meet the necessary requirements, which will allow you to score the points needed for a successful application. There are four sub-categories under the Tier 2 Work Visa. These include Tier 2 (General) Visa, Tier 2 Sportsperson Visa, Tier 2 Minister of Religion Visa, and Tier 2 Intra-company Transfer Visa.

At Optimus Law, our team of experienced lawyers are always available to help guide you through the application and clear all the doubts you have.

What We Can Do For You

An experienced lawyer will communicate with you in person, via Skype, through email or on phone, depending on your preference and schedule, to handle your case. Our lawyer will help you properly apply for your EEA Family Permit. One of our lawyers will assist you to evaluate your eligibility for an EEA Family Permit, as well as taking you through all options available to you such as a residence card, or a permanent residence card. We will craft a cover letter to accompany your application and the supporting documents. We will ensure you have all the needed documentary evidence for your application. We will liaise with the Home Office through the entire application process. Finally, we will explain to you the implication of the decision made on your application, and advise you on what to do next.

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This visa category is designed for employees who have been transferred to a UK branch of a multinational company. This transfer can be long-term or short frequent visits. In order to successfully apply, you need to fill a position that a new recruit from the resident workforce cannot. The graduate trainee program under this visa allows for graduate trainees to work under a structured training programme. This program enables recent graduate employees earn the skills needed to do a job overseas.

For more information, visit our Intra Company Transfer page.

If you are a skilled worker who has a job offer from the UK, this is the category to apply under. The job offer has to be for an occupation for which there is a shortage of workers in the UK. You need to have a certificate of sponsorship for the job as well as evidence that you will earn the ‘appropriate salary’. You also need to be proficient in the English language and show that you have the funds to care for yourself.

If you are an elite sportsperson or qualified coach who will contribute to the development of your sport, you can apply for this visa. Your application needs to be endorsed by your sport’s governing body. Also, you need a certificate of sponsorship, and an endorsement from your sport’s governing body, and be proficient in the English language.

If you are staying for a short period, you need to apply for a Tier 5 visa.

If you have a job offer within a faith community, then this is the visa category to apply under. You need to be a non-EEA and a non-swiss national and meet all the requirements. Requirements include having a certificate of sponsorship, and being proficient in the English language, and evidence that you will earn the ‘appropriate salary’.

For a successful Work Visa application process, you need to be employed by an employer with a sponsor licence. This employee must assign you a certificate of sponsorship. You must also meet the necessary requirements that will allow you to score the points needed for a successful application.

Although you can switch employers, you need to follow protocol so as not to breach the conditions of our visa.

For one, you need to ensure the new employer is also a licenced sponsor.


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Robina is a very reliable, helpful and experienced immigration solicitor in our area. I had a successful appeal with my Tier 1 applications with the help from Robina.

Laura Jayne

I’ve loved my experience with Optimus Law. Very friendly staff, easy to talk with, they follow up with you and keep you updated! And surely I will keep using their services.


I required a premium service application to bring my spouse to the UK in time for Christmas and the team at Optimus Law were great. Managed to do everything well before expectation. Professional service would recommend Robina to anyone!!


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