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New Immigration Plan: What You Need to Know?

Brexit isn’t over yet. However, the country has already started their new post-Brexit plans including to cease what it called the UK’s reliance on ‘cheap low skilled labor’ which apparently means that the low skilled workers would not be eligible for visas under new immigration plans. The idea is to compel employers to move away from depending on low skilled, cheap labor from Europe and invest in state-of-the-art automation technology at the same time retaining the staff already on board.

According to Adam Marshall, Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce, “The speed and scale of these changes will require significant adjustment by businesses.”

“Companies are already investing heavily in home-grown talent across the U.K., but critical labor shortages mean firms will still need access to overseas workers at all skill levels”, he added.

Earlier this month, the UK government disclosed their new Immigration Bill unveiling what particular things migrants must do to qualify for the UK immigration after 1st Jan, 2021.

In light of the new immigration laws, the migrants will need to gain at least 70 points to qualify for the UK immigration process. According to the UK government, this rule is to promote “high wage, high skill, and high productivity economy” in the country.

The points-based immigration system which will implement on Jan 1, 2021, workers have to prove their English language skills along with a verified job offer. According to a government policy paper, they must fulfill a certain point threshold based on their skillset, salaries and respective qualifications.

Freelancers and self-employed individuals will remain unaffected as they don’t need any sponsorship to apply for the UK visa.

According to the recent immigration laws, all visitors including European Union residents would still be able to visit the UK for six months without applying for the visa.  However, they cannot take up any job neither accept any other employment opportunity during this time.

Asylum applications are expected to be evaluated under the current immigration system. All in all, the new law seems to be inclusive and points out the particular requirements for individual categories and situations.

Rules for Skilled Workers

Both European Union and non-European Union citizens who want to work and live in the UK will have to obtain 70 points to qualify for the UK visa.

Salary Threshold

As far as salary limitations are concerned, workers must earn more than £25,600 to get a work visa. However, there will be some exceptions for people who specialize in uncommon industries and hold specialized skillsets or for those who hold a PhD degree relevant to that field.

Similarly, those considered ‘highly skilled’ can also acquire the required score without a job if they can submit endorsement of a registered and relevant authority in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Noticeably, the large number of people employed by the sector are low-paid workers whose main duty is to provide routine services to older and disabled people. With 1 in 11 posts unfilled, there’s already a significant shortage in this sector. Workers coming from other countries make up one-sixth of the massive 840,000 workforce in Britain. With the current restrictions on low-paid unskilled workers, it’s hard to see how these people could qualify in the future.

Rules for Low-Skilled Workers

According to the recent immigration policies, it would not introduce a route for low-paid low-skilled sector, urging organizations to make changes according to the end of free movement between European Union countries and Britain.

Also, the statement suggests that the 3.2 million EU nationals who want to work and live in the UK could help fulfill labor requirements. However, sectors such as farming and nursing are giving a clear indication that it will be difficult to hire staff under the current system.


Under the new immigration plan, all migrants would only be eligible to receive income-linked benefits until after ILR is issued (that generally takes 5 years).

Presently, European Union nationals can only claim benefits if they’re somehow contributing to the progress and growth of the economic sector of the country. As far as non-EU citizens are concerned, they can claim benefits when they get their PR.

Immigration Rules for Students

Foreign students who want to live and study in the UK must prove:

  • Their ability to speak fluent English
  • That they hold a valid offer from a recognized educational institute
  • They can support themselves during their stay in the country

Final Words

According to Priti Patel, Home Secretary, the point-based system will reduce the total number of migrants and will entice and benefit the “brightest and the best around the globe.” According to her, the objective is to reduce the UK’s dependency on low-skilled paid workers.

In moves explaining how the country’s border will work in 2021 and beyond, the government stated that the EU citizens will be able to use electronic gates and will not require a visa for visits less than 6 months.

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