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Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for a UK Visa

The success ratio of your visa application depends on a number of different factors. For instance, it takes into account the country you’re applying for, the documents you currently have and the evidences you hold to verify those documents. But, did you know sometimes minor mistakes can get your visa application declined. Luckily, there are ways through which you can avoid these mistakes and lower down the chances of your UK visa denial.

Not Paying Attention to the Visa Rules

The consulates right away refuse applications that do not follow visa guidelines accurately. Even if they approve, they may ask for multiple verification documents. So, be sure you go through visa guidelines properly before you forward your application for approval.

Showing Travel by Bus/Train/Boat

Always show that you’ll use airways to be in and out of the country. As visa officers can’t actually authenticate bus/train/boat tickets but can obviously validate flight tickets if required.

Incomplete Itinerary

It would be highly negligent on your part if you show an incomplete itinerary in front of the visa officers. Keep in mind, consulates would like to see the itinerary starting and ending in your own country. Simply reserve flight tickets from your country of residence for each upcoming destination back to your home country.

Long Itinerary

Ideally, one should always opt for the short itinerary as anything longer than 15 to 20 days may create doubt as to why you would need that many days. Also, you may be asked to provide additional documents like leave approval letter or evidence of funds to support your application.

It’s also important to understand that visas are always granted as per the preset rules and regulations and no matter how long or short your itinerary is, you’ll get visa for certain number of days. However, showing short itinerary is just one of the ways through which you can avoid irrelevant questioning and extra documentation.

Mentioning About Friends or Family Members in the Foreign Country

Make sure you never talk about your relatives or friends living in other foreign countries. If you do, the visa officers may ask you to provide their ID proofs and bank statements. Also, consulates would like to ensure that you don’t have contacts in any foreign country that are involved in illegal or criminal activities.


Mentioning About Budget Travel/Couch Surfing

Terms such as couch surfing and budget travel are all warning signals. The concerned visa officer might not be familiar with these terms and might believe you don’t have sufficient funds to finance your trip.

Mentioning About Remote Work

Similarly, never talk about remote work, freelancing, woofing or any of the other similar terms as the tourist visa is generally granted for purely tourism purposes and taking part in any of the remuneration activities without proper work visa would be considered illegitimate.

Taking Help from Illegal Sources

Needless to say, you should never engage in any sort of illegal or criminal activities in your country of residence or during visa approval process as it will hinder your chances to get future visa approvals. Keep in mind, having any sort of criminal/police record can impact upon future visa applications. In fact, you might get deported or get a permanent ban on entering the country as well.

While these mistakes may sound naive, they can substantially lower down your chances of getting visa approval from the consulate. Avoiding these mistakes can spare you time, money and visa refusal.

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