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Britain and France Plan to Shut Down Migrant Routes Across the Channel

Britain and France have decided to embark on a mutually agreed-upon plan for blocking the migrant routes across the channel, Chris Philip, the British Immigration Minister said on Tuesday.


According to him, President Emmanuel Macron’s government also agreed that the rising number of migrants illegally entering the country was unacceptable.


After meeting French officials in Paris, Chris told reporters, “It is clear more needs to be done.”

“If we can make this route unviable, which we are determined to do, then migrants will have no reason at all to come to France in the first place,” he added.

Many people have been caught crossing to Southern England from Northern France in recent days.

According to statistics, more than 600 migrants arrived in Britain within the last 2 weeks. Chris Philips said he is in contact with his French counterpart to figure out a strategy for restricting illegal migrant routes across the English Channel between the UK and France.

Asked if Britain was ready to compensate France to update its maritime border policy, the immigration minister said, “We accept this is a shared problem. If a shared plan can be agreed, we would obviously be prepared to support that … in all the ways necessary to make it a success.”

More than 20 migrants were escorted to Dover on Tuesday by the UK Border Force. Most were from countries affected by either poverty or war.

While some of them might be granted asylum, the illegals are likely to be deported from the UK.

There are also reports of organized crime groups and smugglers offering help to migrants in exchange for Eur 500 with some offering “kids go free” deals as well.

The migrants, on the other hand, have threatened to drown themselves if they are not allowed to enter the country.

For those wishing to enter the UK, they should seek legal assistance. The best way to enter the UK families of refugees is by applying for a UK Family Reunion Visa.

 The UK Government, on the other hand, is considering other ways to provide a legal and safe route to migrants who wish to seek asylum in Britain.


These plans and negotiations with France are heading for failure unless Britain shows some better strategies.

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