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5 Steps to Achieving a Successful Domestic Violence Application

Step 1 - File a Police Report (If Appropriate)

Domestic abuse or violence is a crime and should be reported to the police – there are also other organisations who can offer you help and support. Contact your local neighbourhood policing team. Call 999 if it’s an emergency or you’re in immediate danger. The police take domestic violence seriously and will be able to help and protect you.

Step 2 - Contact Domestic Violence Agency/Refuge

The agency/refuge can help you in accessing specialist refuge accommodation or find refuge vacancy for you and your children. They can also support you to find other specialist services in your community, which can provide support whether or not you have left your partner. Organisations who can help-

Step 3 - Apply for Destitution Domestic Violence (DDV) Concession

This concession is available for spouse, civil partner, unmarried or same sex partner of a British citizen or someone present and settled in the UK; and Have had that relationship break down due to domestic violence; and Be destitute and in need of financial help; and Intend to make a claim to stay permanently in the UK under the Domestic Violence Rule.

A person who successfully qualifies for this concession will receive temporary leave for three months, which allows them to apply for access to public funds (including jobseeker’s allowance, income support and housing benefit). During these three months period the person should make a separate application for indefinite leave to remain under the Domestic Violence Rule.

Step 4 - Get Referral to LAA

You might be able to get legal aid if you have evidence that you or your children have been victims of domestic abuse or violence and you cannot afford to pay legal costs.

You do not have to get evidence before talking to a legal aid solicitor or Civil Legal Advice (CLA), but they’ll need to see it before deciding whether you can get legal aid.

Step 4 - Make an Application

Finally, instruct your solicitor to make your application. the Home Office will allow someone who has come to the UK under Appendix FM to stay in the country permanently if the relationship breaks down because of domestic violence.

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