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EEA Registration Certificate

A Registration Certificate confirms your residence status in the UK. You can apply for an EEA Registration Certificate if you are an EEA or Swiss citizen who is working, or self-employed, or studying, or self-sufficient, or looking for a job. As a qualified person, your extended family member can also apply for a Registration Certificate.

If you are not a citizen of Switzerland or the EEA but are an extended family member of a qualified person, you will need an EEA Registration Certificate to confirm your residence status in the UK. the EEA Registration Certificate of a qualified person can be used as a supporting documentation if you, as a family member of a qualified person, wishes to apply for an EEA residence card or an EEA Family Permit.

Although you do not need a Registration Certificate to confirm your residence. This certificate is a quick way to show employers that you are allowed to be employed in the UK.

Lastly, it will allow you to quickly and easily prove that you are entitled to services and benefits enjoyed by EEA or Swiss nationals.

How Optimus Law can help

With over 30 years combined experience Optimus Law comes highly recommended in Immigration services. Living and studying in a different country can be an awful lot to handle and which many find stressful. At Optimus Law, we want to help you remove any worries surrounding your visa.

We achieve this by breaking down your application into small steps that are easy to follow and easy to manage.

We also provide after care services to ensure your settling in the UK and can help facilitate your needs during and after your studies should you wish t stay here in the UK.


Our Clients Say

If you are still not sure about choosing us, hear from our clients themselves.

Robina is a very reliable, helpful and experienced immigration solicitor in our area. I had a successful appeal with my Tier 1 applications with the help from Robina.

Laura Jayne

I’ve loved my experience with Optimus Law. Very friendly staff, easy to talk with, they follow up with you and keep you updated! And surely I will keep using their services.


I required a premium service application to bring my spouse to the UK in time for Christmas and the team at Optimus Law were great. Managed to do everything well before expectation. Professional service would recommend Robina to anyone!!


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